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Gallery Fitness Tent of sportive nutrition

Professional squad Gallery Fitness

  Therapist Ayurveda.
  Clinical nutrition oriented to pathologies, pregnancy and childish nutrition.
  Nutricionistas And preparadores sportive.
  Service of physiotherapy and osteopatía (among others).

If you dare to begin this trip and to work by what want, are expecting You!
Christy Repetto: Services
Christy Repetto
What offer to my patients is not a standard diet neither a menu to go down of weight, is a change of vital habits so that your life improve in all the senses.

I offer face-to-face sessions and to distance
  • Surgeries of nutrition
  • Clinical nutrition for pathologies
  • Childish nutrition
  • Nutrition for fertility and pregnancy
  • Sportive coaching for the balance
  • Habits of healthy life
  • Force, vitality and positive energy
Our Offers
Galleryfitness tienda online de nutrición deportiva
Protein serum of milk range gourmet, of Protella
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Galleryfitness tienda online de nutrición deportiva
Cream to base of peanut of Protella
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